Mambo Italiano

                                                                                           total look: Red Valentino for Noventa di Piave                                                                                           ph. Manuel Bifari, Jelena K Fashion and style


Let the beauty countdown starts now!If you already purchased your favorite swimsuit, bunch of SPFs, your next logical thought is how to get rid off your unwanted hair, like forever. […]

Holiday essential

                                                                                       ph. Jelena Karakas And here I’m with my final thoughts. In case you missed something, let’s recap a little bit!Last year I partnered up with Philips to test their […]

Color alert

                                                                                         boots: mango                                                                                         dress: h&m                                                                                         scarf: h&m                                                                                         necklace: h&m                                                                                         bag: gucci                                                                                         ph. Masa Long time no … I suppose ME is the word? Guilty as always, no excuses at all […]


                                                                                               total look by Mango                                                                                               ph. Masa Fashion and style

Go Corona ! Corona Go !

OCD in the times of a worldwide pandemic. Yeah that’s perfect! The coronavirus has left my privileged ass a bit confused – I’m pretty… Akanksha Redhu : Fashion & Lifestyle […]