Suede jacket

                                                                                               boots: stradivarius                                                                                               jeans: h&m                                                                                               sweater: h&m                                                                                               jacket: INES atelier                                                                                               sunglasses: le specs x adam selman                                                                                               ph. Aleksandra Pesic Fashion and style

Ruffle dress

                                                                                           boots: stradivarius                                                                                           socks: calzedonia                                                                                           dress: mona                                                                                           bag: mona                                                                                           sunglasses: ray ban                                                                                           ph. Jelena K. Fashion and style

Double-breasted coat

                                                                                            sandals: primark                                                                                            socks: new yorker                                                                                            dress: h&m                                                                                            coat: mona                                                                                            bag: mona                                                                                            sunglasses: ines atelier                                                                                            ph. Jelena K. Fashion and style

Not your basics

                                                                                               sneakers: adidas                                                                                               jeans: zara                                                                                               sweatshirt: yugochic                                                                                               coat: not your basics                                                                                               sunglasses: ray ban                                                                                               bag: gucci                                                                                               ph. Jelena K. It’s that time of year. You’re cleaning up your folders, doing […]

Do sparkle

                                                                                                sandals: bershka                                                                                                dress: INES atelier                                                  […]


                                                                                                    shoes: aquazzura                                                                                                    jeans: h&m                                                                                                    shirt: h&m                                                                                                    coat: h&m                                                                                                    sunglasses: ray ban                                                                                                    bag: chloe                                                                                                    ph. Masa Fashion and style

High waist jeans

                                                                                              t-shirt: h&m                                                                                              jeans: h&m                                                    […]

Rue de Rivoli

                                                                                             sneakers: adidas                                                                                             suit: mona                                                                                             top: zara                                                                                             bag: mona                                                                                             ph. Jelena K. Fashion and style

Smooth operator

                                                                                              ph. Jelena K. When it comes to beauty treatments, I’m definitely in the DIY camp if we exclude facials. One coat of a black nail polish and that’s it, […]